Scattering Ashes At Sea Services

Steelmantown Cemetery, the only cemetery in the State of New Jersey certified and approved by the Green Burial Council as a Level 3 Natural Burial Ground is proud to announce the addition of the timeless tradition of "Scattering at Sea" of the ashes of deceased loved ones. It's a beautiful and peaceful way to say good bye to the important love ones in your life.

Ed Bixby, owner and proprietor of Steelmantown Cemetery is very familiar with the sensitive issues regarding burial of loved ones. Aboard his completely restored 30' 1955 "Sundquist Jersey Sea Skiff" you can expect a wonderful, tranquil experience that you will always remember. All remains will be scattered 3 miles off the coast of the Ocean City/ Absecon Island.

The boat will traverse the "National Scenic Tuckahoe River" en route to the Atlantic Ocean. The Tuckahoe River is part of the national park system or "Great Egg Harbor River Estuary" and is a productive coastal ecosystem. It abounds with wildlife life such as nesting and wintering raptors, colonial nesting waterbirds, migrating and wintering waterfowl, rare brackish and freshwater tidal wetland communities, plants and invertebrates.

There are 145 species of special emphasis in the Great Egg Harbor River estuary, incorporating 41 species of fish and 87 species of birds, including bald eagle, piping plover, osprey, northern diamondback terrapin, and barred owl.

Basic Services:

  • Boat Location - #101 Main St. Corbin City, NJ "Ava's Hideaway Marine" Tuckahoe River.
  • Basic unattended burial fee $250.00 * Includes filing of all required regulatory government documents relating to burial at sea. Certificate of dissemination stating date time latitude and longitude of final resting place.
  • USPS delivery of remains to #327 Marshallville Rd Woodbine NJ 08270 - Must provide Authorization form, Copy of Death Certificate and Cremation Certificate and Fee in Money Order or Bank Check. USPS registered mail with return receipt. Burial will take place weather permitting in timely manner.
  • Operating season 4/1 - 11/1.
  • Attended family services available ( up to 6) passengers starting at $900.00.
  • Total average charter time 4 hours. All remains will be scattered 3 miles off coast of Ocean City/ Absecon Island.

Steps to Send Ashes to Steelmantown Cemetery for Scattering:

  1. Call Steelmantown Cemetery 609-628-2297 if you wish to discuss planning your family attended custom sea scattering.
  2. Complete the " Authorization for Burial at Sea of Cremated Remains" form, which you can print from this site by clicking this link, or you can have the form mailed to you. Click here for a link to our contact form and we will mail/email or fax the form to you.
  3. Insert the authorization form and your Bank Check or Money Order to "Steelmantown Cemetery" in shipping container.
  4. Send PRIORITY MAIL EXPRESS with CREMATED REMAINS to: 327 Marshallville Road Marshallville, N.J. 08270

Your Burial At Sea will be performed within 30 days(weather permitting) and certificate documenting the event forwarded to you by return mail.

To Display or Print Our Burial At Sea Authorization Form - Click Here




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