Resting with Nature…

Westwood Hills Memorial Park

Westwood Hills, a true resting place with nature. Preserving a rich history in the heart of gold country. Surrounded by the El Dorado foothills near the El Dorado National Forest.

Perfect for those that want to become one with the Earth… a final resting place that personifies your life.

Ed Bixby, owner of Steelmantown Cemetery in Steelmantown, New Jersey announces the opening of Westwood Hills Memorial Park located#2720 Cold Spring Rd, Placerville California. Over the next few months Ed will be working to restore the cemetery to its original natural beauty and replicate the many features associated with Natural Burial.

Natural burial allows your body and soul to entwine with all the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer:

  • no embalming fluid
  • no concrete vaults
  • burial shrouds, pine and wicker caskets
  • preservation and enhancement of the natural surroundings
  • natural stone markers
  • hand dug burial sites

Call Steelmantown Cemetery 609-628-2297 if you'd like more information about Westwood Hills Memorial Park.




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